An extrusion line is only as good as its individual components.

For this reason, we at BREYER have devoted our special attention to all building blocks of the system. BREYER components are the high-quality building blocks that lay the foundation for our systems. Custom-tailored extrusion lines can be flexibly built by combining various components. This is how we create your individual BREYER extrusion line, which allows you to manufacture your products for economic efficiency and success.

Would you like to upgrade your existing extrusion line?

All BREYER components are available individually as complete functional units. You can upgrade existing BREYER extrusion lines and improve your existing production process. BREYER components can also be integrated in lines from other manufacturers without any problem and thus upgrade the entire line.

Our experienced BREYER Service Team is available and happy to advise you about all BREYER components and upgrades of your system.

BREYER Extruder

One of the core elements of any extrusion system is and remains the extruder itself. Right from the start, the emphasis at BREYER is on quality and sophisticated technology.

Single layer dies

The modular BREYER product programme can be
combined with a multitude of utilisations.

Calender for flat film

The BREYER calender gap adjustment "fast & easy" does not involve any mechanical adjusting parts. A sophisticated system permits precise and accurate positioning.

Compact temperature control solution

BREYER temperature control units are compact high-performance devices for use with hot water of up to 180°C. They are used to control the temperature of rolls in calenders.

Masking system

To protect your high-quality product masking is essential. To one or both sides of the extruded film/sheet an adhesive masking film is applied. This adhesive masking film is available in different designs.

Lenght cutting saw

Any system is only as good as its components. This is why we don’t make any compromises, especially when it comes to the sawing equipment.

Stacking solutions

The efficiency of an entire line is often decided by the stacking system. As the end component, it is responsible for the efficient transfer to the further processing section or the packaging.

Winding machines

Sometimes form alone outshines the competition the market. It is therefore not without good reason that superior winding technology represents another major part of our scope of supply.

BREYER Monitoring system

The BREYER monitoring system fascinates with its simplicity in operating. The operator is navigated intuitively by the system to the
required information and achieves his aim quickly.

BREYER TubeFlex extruder

With the BREYER TubeFlex system you can produce multi-layered flat film in coextrusion with up to 7 layers for tube production.

BREYER TubeFlex Calender

The BREYER calender gives the flat film a defined and calibrated thickness. Both sides of the film are smooth, and the lowest possible wall thickness tolerances can be realized.

TubeFlex Film winder

Film winder – The extruded film is wound into a roll. In the following process, these rolls are cut into strips.