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If available we offer machines on sale, as well as machines that customers are looking to sell.


Flat sheet die for film

Width of lip gap: 1875 mm
Lip gap: 1,5 mm
Surface:  Chromium plating 20 – 30 µm
Restrictor bar: No
Design Flowchannel: doublesymmetric
Inlet of flow channel: round, 50 mm

  • Material(s) to be processed: PC
  • Throughput: 400 - 550 kg/h
  • Film thickness: 100 - 1200 µm

Die bodies, sideplates, lips made of annealed alloyed tool steel
Design of the die according to CE-regulations
All flow channels in computeroptimized coathanger design.

Lower lip


Flexible lip, manually adjustable with differential pressure bolts.     


Please contact our sales team from business unit filmlines resp. sheetlines.