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The new BREYER drives

BREYER represents quality over a span of decades. You should, however, consider maintaining production reliability for several years and decades because continuous and reliable production is what will bring you ahead in the future as well.


The new drives – a guarantee for reliable production.

The new drives with water cooling deliver decisive advantages: With a CMG drive the efficiency of your system immediately increases, and the space-saving construction leaves more space for your operational layout. You can conveniently remove the barrel extruder from the front or back for cleaning. The drives are available for all output ranges and we seamlessly integrate them into your existing control. The easy procurement of spare parts guarantees system availability, and the especially silent running of the drive has a positive impact on personnel.

Minimum effort, maximum success.

To retrofit your system, all you need is the CMG compact extruder drive, a frequency converter for the control cabinet including accessories, a connection cable and a drive console.


  • Failsafe performance of your production  
  • Higher efficiency and increase of system availability   
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Compact, space-saving construction  
  • Extremely quiet running
  • Easy spare part availability
  • Retrofitting time: approx. 1 week

Technical features

  • Available for all performance ranges
  • Barrel extruder can be moved to the front and back
  • Integrated gear   
  • High efficiency of drive
  • Brushless low-maintenance drive
  • Efficient cooling

    Our services

    • Mechanical and electrical construction
    • Drive layout
    • Integration into existing control
    • Documentation

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      CMG drives

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