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Good news for your extrusion system! If you want to sustainably and cost-efficiently ensure the operational safety of your system, BREYER Services offers you custom-tailored solutions in various areas.

Fast, safe, up-to-date.

BREYER Visualization – make new from old!

The visualization system includes a wide range of features that help the user monitor production and quickly access data. BREYER extrusion systems convince with quality and durability – unfortunately, computer hardware is not quite as durable. Therefore, lines of older construction years often run with obsolete operating systems and computer hardware that is no longer available. The production, line overview and normal operation are no longer guaranteed under these conditions.

Our Services

As a variant to a completely new visualization we offer you the following cost-effective solution:

  • Selection and supply of new computer hardware
  • Supply of a matching new TFT touchscreen
  • Migration of the existing software from the current device to the new one  
  • Adjustment and installation of the complete driver software 
  • Installation on site upon request

Your advantages

  • Downtime safety for your production
  • Operationally safe new hardware
  • Existing software including all drivers runs on a tried and proven operating system  
  • The familiar visual display remains identical
  • Manufacturer warranty and spare part availability

BREYER Touch Displays –

for continuing safe operation in the future

The operational displays are the decisive interfaces between man and machine. Safe production depends on the function of these small and effective devices. Older generation displays, however, are either no longer available for replacement or only at a very high cost.

Our Services

We offer you the following custom-tailored and sustainable solution:  

  • Selection and supply of a new matching display   
  • Installation and connection in the existing case  
  • Migration of the installed software (Protool/WinCC/TIA Portal)

Your advantages

  • Entirely new device with manufacturer warranty
  • The familiar visual display remains identical
  • Downtime safety for your production
  • Cost-efficient and fast spare part sourcing after upgrade 

BREYER Remote Diagnosis System –

for a fast and secure connection

With our remote diagnosis system, we always keep an eye on your system if you want. BREYER Services can help you immediately when necessary – no matter how far away you may be. Many customers have been successfully using this service for a long time now. Formerly used modem connections are no longer supported by modern telecommunication systems, which may result in technical problems.
It is time for you to switch over from your old modem/phone connection to a fast and secure Internet connection via IPsec VPN with authorized access.


Our services

We offer you this practical modernization package:

  • Integration of a new network module in your system – serving as a router, Firewall and VPN device
  • Access via Ethernet/ProfiNet and Profibus – possible for both newer and older systems
  • Configuration with IT security certificates by BREYER

What we need from you:

  • Electrical connection and an Internet connection
  • WAN IP address and open ports 500 and 4500 for VPN connection

Your advantages

  • Maximum security and system availability 
  • Fast and secure Internet connection
  • Remote maintenance, routing and Firewall in one device 
  • Protection of operator network from external access
  • Easy integration of the device in your corporate network


Visualization · Displays · Remote Diagnosis

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