Professionally ensure continuous operation.

BREYER cutting head revision · Tube die cleaning

You can achieve continual high quality during continuous operation only if you timely and professionally revise or clean your system’s wear parts. BREYER Services offers you two cost-efficient and sustainable solutions.

BREYER cutting head revision –

the practical solution without time loss.

The BREYER tube cutting head ensures perfect cuts and is of decisive importance for the quality of your tubes. Due to the high rotating cutting speed, it is one of your system’s components with the highest wear. Therefore, a revision of your cutting head is absolutely necessary from time to time. BREYER Services now offers you an especially efficient solution to ensure production without interruption: the exchange of your cutting head – without time loss.


  • No time loss
  • Failure protection of your production
  • Practically new machine component
  • Sustainably perfect cut quality 

Our services

  • Complete disassembly, measuring and examination of your cutting head.  
  • Exchange of all quality-relevant components and exchange of all potentially defective parts.  
  • Measuring and adjustment of the precision bearings.     
  • Lubrication with special lubricant, balancing on precision balancing machine and rotating run-in. 
  • And, to avoid any time loss: we can send you a completely overhauled cutting head beforehand and it is immediately ready for use. 
  • Upon request, we offer you service intervals for favorable package prices.  

BREYER tube die cleaning –

your guarantee for sustainable quality.

The BREYER tube die is the key element of your tube system. In this special tubular die, the high-quality tube is formed with several plastic layers that are only few micrometers thick. Due to the constant load with high temperatures and the various materials – despite the high surface quality – fouling always occurs. You can sustainably ensure the quality of your tube production only with a professional and timely cleaning of the tube die. BREYER Services offers you a sustainable solution – now also with ultrasonic cleaning and additional coating.


  • No time loss, and failure protection of your production  
  • Perfect and sustainable cleaning of the tube die
  • Increase of durability due to coating
  • Sustainably high quality of your tubes

Our services

  • First rough cleaning in the pyrolysis furnace (1) and disassembly (2)
  • Ultrasonic cleaning (3) with low wear while simultaneously removing all deposits, leaving no residue
  • Fine polishing (4)
  • PVD-coating (5) – a refinement that increases the wear resistance and at the same time reduces the adhesion of the melt (burns)  
  • And, to avoid any time loss: we can send you a completely rebuilt matching die on loan beforehand, immediately ready for use in your production.   



Cutting head revision · Tube die cleaning

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