BREYER Melt Bank Monitoring System

Quick start in sheet production – clear reduction of startup and changeover times and material consumption.

The new BREYER Melt Bank Monitoring System enables shorter startup times due to the extremely fast achievement of the set quality level. Valuable raw material savings sustainably reduce your production costs!

The BREYER Melt Bank Monitoring System is especially suitable for the production of thin sheet. Due to the exact control of the melt bank and the visually supported adjustment of the melt flow a high sheet quality is achieved in the shortest possible time.

In the startup phase of a production process and after each change of the sheet thickness or raw material, the extrusion system has to be adjusted to the new conditions especially as regards the die and calender. This is very time-consuming and leads to waste before the quality of the sheet achieves the appropriate level.

BREYER has developed an intelligent solution to shorten this process and save valuable time and raw material:
The quality of the sheet is checked with special sensors positioned directly after the roller gap. The BREYER Melt Bank Monitoring System is capable of displaying a precise graphic profile of the bank in relation to the die adjustment screws. The system operator is thus able to adjust the die setting precisely to the correct position. The melt flow is therefore precisely controlled with regard to the position and the uniform quality is quickly and safely achieved.
The tension within the sheet, which is invisible to the normal eye, is also reduced to a minimum. A regular and steadily adjusted bank is the indispensable basis for the production of high-quality sheet.

Save important time, valuable raw materials and high production costs – easily and efficiently! 

Your system needs to be updated

with just a few components.

  • Special sensors
    Matching your specific application.
  • Traversing unit
    Especially developed for the safe mounting of the sensors, matching the various calender types.  
  • Drive and control
    A small control box is directly installed in the system.
  • Visualization
    A clearly structured touch screen monitor (22") with matching desk, including a Siemens box PC. The easily understandable software solution is based on Siemens WinCC.



  • Save setup time and raw materials
    Shorter startup times and targeted adjustment of the die save up to 50% of thickness change time.

  • Improved surface – less thickness fluctuations
    The ideal visualization enables a uniform and stable melt flow and bank.

  • Reduced tension within the sheet
    Due to the exact and immediate control of the bank it can be kept as mimimal as possible, reducing tension to a minimum.

  • Save time, material and money!
    The economic advantages pay off within the shortest amount of time. We will be happy to provide an economic efficiency calculation for your system.