Extrusion line for optical film

With our technology you get security.

The manufacturing of a film is nothing special. However, the creation of a high quality polished flat film of minimal thickness is a different matter altogether.

You have the choice. And every possibility.
With the
BREYER OptiFlex line you are staying always flexible. Both side polished, mat and structured film with optical properties can be produced.

The production of ultra-thin, low-tension films of high optical quality in particular, is quickly separating the men from the boys. We can boast an unbeatable combination of superior know-how, gained over many years and excellent extrusion technology.
Thanks to our special calender techniques, tensions in these films can be kept to a minimum.
The particularly precise, reproducible adjustment of the roll gap combined with the high stability of the calender rolls is an essential prerequisite for the successful production of minimum film thicknesses.

It is not without reason that people rely on BREYER technology time and time again. And of this, we are more than a little proud. 


  • LCD- und TV-monitors
  • IMD, IML films
  • Passport and credit cards
  • Mobilphones
  • Instrument panels
  • Dekor film
  • Ski und snowboards


  • Energy saving and powerful single screw extruders
  • Processing without predrying
  • Quick start up by our patented meltpump control
  • Automatic controled dies
  • Calenders with precision gap adjustment (distcance and pressure controlled), automatic film thickness change
  • Polished, mat and structured as well as cast film can be produce with the same machine
  • Solid roll design in highest quality for lowest tolerances
  • Easy and rapid adjustment of film flatness

Technical data

Film thickness, polished 0,08 – 2,0 mm
Film width 750 – 2000 mm
Performance 300 – 700 kg/h
Material PC, PMMA, PET, PES, COC, ETFE, EVA, etc.
Versions Mono und coextruded, polished, mat, struktured

Examples of application

IMD film for automotive applications
IMD film for automotive applications (BAYER)
IMD film for automotive applications
IMD film for electric devices
IMD film for automotive applications (BAYER)
IMD film for automotive applications (BAYER)
IMD film for automotive applications (BAYER)
IMD film for electronics
IMD film for automotive applications (Pic BAYER)


BREYER Extruder

One of the core elements of any extrusion system is and remains the extruder itself. Right from the start, the emphasis at BREYER is on quality and sophisticated technology.

Single layer dies

The modular BREYER product programme can be
combined with a multitude of utilisations.

Automatic dies

With the combination of a BREYER automatic die and thickness measuring system you can control the complete process and simultaneously monitor the complete production.


The combination of single-layer dies and co-extrusion feedblock allows flexible layer configurations to produce more complex composite films and sheets with fast changeover-times.

Multi-channel extrusion dies

Multi-channel dies are suitable when the processed materials have varying flow characteristics and an extrusion via co-extrusion feedblock does not allow a satisfying coating allocation.

Calender for flat film

The BREYER calender gap adjustment "fast & easy" does not involve any mechanical adjusting parts. A sophisticated system permits precise and accurate positioning.

Compact temperature control solution

BREYER temperature control units are compact high-performance devices for use with hot water of up to 180°C. They are used to control the temperature of rolls in calenders.

Masking system

To protect your high-quality product masking is essential. To one or both sides of the extruded film/sheet an adhesive masking film is applied. This adhesive masking film is available in different designs.

Winding machines

Sometimes form alone outshines the competition the market. It is therefore not without good reason that superior winding technology represents another major part of our scope of supply.

BREYER Monitoring system

The BREYER monitoring system fascinates with its simplicity in operating. The operator is navigated intuitively by the system to the
required information and achieves his aim quickly.