Automatic dies

Controlled quality for a smooth production

With the combination of a BREYER automatic die and thickness measuring system you can control the complete process and simultaneously monitor the complete production.

With an automatic die you secure your production process. The manual post adjustment of the die is unnecessary. Thermally controlled adjustment bolts automatically take over the adjustment process. BREYER film and sheet dies are constructed in a way that they can be retrofit with an automatic unit.

For an expanded lip gap opening automatic dies can also be equipped with a rapid lip gap adjustment.


BREYER CellProtect
Extrusion line for EVA and POE solar film

The convincing extrusion technology for the production of low shrinkage solar encapsulant film for PV-modules. BREYER offers the complete line including proofed recipe and service.

Extrusion line for optical film

The manufacturing of a film is nothing special. However, the
creation of a high quality polished flat film of minimal thickness is a different matter altogether.

BREYER ThermoFlex Extrusion line for thermoforming film

It is helpful to differentiate yourself with special characteristics especially in a difficult market environment. Better quality always pays off.