Extrusion line BREYER TubeFlex

The flexible way to produce tube laminate film.

Extrusion line for the production of high-quality laminate film

With the BREYER TubeFlex system, colors, materials, layer thicknesses and additional decors can be combined into a flat film in a highly flexible way.
There are almost no limits on your imagination for tube design. Produce your individual tube design and fascinate your customers.


  • Development of new markets
  • Product innovations
  • Custom-tailored film composition
  • Increased added value through in-house production
  • Small batch sizes
  • Broad range of materials
  • Diversified, individual designs


BREYER TubeFlex extrusion lines for the production of tubes for:

  • Body care products
  • Hair care products
  • Sunscreen
  • Toothpaste
  • Detergents
  • Technical products
  • Glues
  • Food


Film widths: up to 400 mm,net*
Film thicknesses: 250 – 500 μm
Materials: LDPE, HDPE, mixtures, barrier, bonding agent
Number of layers: up to 7*
Decors: single-sided (inside or outside)
* further on request  



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