Extrusion line BREYER eco·line for the production of tubes

Everything good tube needs.

When it comes to tube packaging for the cosmetics industry, perfection and a professional design are paramount. However, packaging must also be manufactured economically.

Stay ahead of your competition.

Today, speed is a top priority in many production processes. It‘s good if you can refer to a technology that delivers good quality even at high speeds.

Clients from the world of cosmetics, which has high standards, know to appreciate this fact because perfect looks and tactile qualities often decide the success or failure of a product. Still, economic efficiency cannot be neglected in the production process. The BREYER eco·line meets with both standards in an optimal way – especially when the decision is made in favor of a multi-layer design.  


  • Cutting capacities up to 120 tubes/min.
  • Fast start-up within minutes.
  • Fast tool exchange for different tube diameter.
  • Short time for colour and material change.
  • Modular design – integration in complete lines.
  • Proofed BREYER tube extrusion technology.

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Tube diameter: 13 – 60 mm

30 – 250 mm

60 – 120 tubes/min

LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP, Mixtures, Special materials on request
Variations: Single - and multilayer, up to 5 layers, with window


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