Extrusion lines for crystal-clear sheets, optical light guide panels and technical sheets

It's been 60 years that BREYER built its first extruder. Since then, hundreds of sheet line systems have been exported all over the world. Most important to the success of BREYER Extrusion Lines was a close collaboration of machine manufacturers, raw-material suppliers and sheet manufacturers.

A lot of detail and know-how was developed this way, inuring to the benefit of our customers' efficient and flexible production.

In the range of crystal-clear sheets customers produce worldwide highest quality, capturing new markets with first-class products. You can choose from our sheet lines for conventional crystal-clear sheets, optical sheets and for LED use(LGP Light Guided Panels)

BREYER sheet extrusion lines  for the production oftechnical sheets, made of ABS, ASA, PW, TPU and Engineering Plastics are extremely flexible. We offer you established systems engineering for plain, embossed, mono- or co-extruded and other individual products:

  • Extrusion without pre-drying
  • Fast roll exchange device
  • Quick and reproduceable roll gap adjustment
  • Bank measuring system
  • Calender roll recognition
  • Cutting devices
  • Stacking solutions

We offer you a multitude of helpful and functional units for easy handling and safe production.

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