BREYER BrightLine
Extrusion lines for backlight units (LGP)

Your vision is our passion.

Maximum optical quality. Essential is what you do not see here. Subtle distinctions do not show at first sight. Brilliant display units, as used in modern flat screens, TVs, monitors, laptops and mobile phones, are equipped with crystal-clear sheets.

Utmost construction quality is crucial, even more than it is for conventional translucent use. Literally every system component provides an essential input to the final product.

With BREYER's more than 60-years of experience in manufacturing of super transparent material you are on the safe side. Benefit from our experience.

Intelligent technology or outstanding reliability! Now you can have both.

With BREYER therefore, you are not only investing in reliable, superior technology but also in the economic potential of your company.



  • Backlight LCD sheet for TV and monitors
  • Smart Phones and tablet-PCs
  • Diffusion sheet


  • Save energy! No drying of resin due to the use of efficiently working vented extruders.
  • Save time! Fast start-up via the patented extruder control.
  • Save material! Quick die adjustment due to the clever meltbank measuring system (thickness control). Fast and reproducible calender gap adjustment.
  • Safe and easy operation! Comfortable and safe system operation via color touch-screen. 
  • Collision alarm for die-calender position.
  • Customer support via remote diagnosis system.
  • Better products for your customers! Brilliant clear sheet in optical quality.


Technical data

Sheet thickness 0,5 - 6 mm
Sheet width 1200 - 1700 mm
Output performance  up to 900 kg/h
Materials PC, PMMA
Versions single layer, coextruded, smooth, lenticular



Examples of application

Your Vision is our passion.
LCD monitors with backlight unit (PMMA sheet)
LCD monitors with backlight unit (PMMA sheet)
High quality sheet, produced on BREYER extrusion lines
Perfect surface quality for the use in LCD screens
Clear sheet for LED monitors


BREYER Extruder

One of the core elements of any extrusion system is and remains the extruder itself. Right from the start, the emphasis at BREYER is on quality and sophisticated technology.

Single layer dies

The modular BREYER product programme can be
combined with a multitude of utilisations.

Calender for sheet production

A BREYER calender system not only convinces with its high level of user friendliness but can also be changed from one product to the next at the turn of a hand.

Compact temperature control solution

BREYER temperature control units are compact high-performance devices for use with hot water of up to 180°C. They are used to control the temperature of rolls in calenders.

Masking system

To protect your high-quality product masking is essential. To one or both sides of the extruded film/sheet an adhesive masking film is applied. This adhesive masking film is available in different designs.

Lenght cutting saw

Any system is only as good as its components. This is why we don’t make any compromises, especially when it comes to the sawing equipment.

Cross cutting saw

When it comes to cross cut sawing, cleanliness and protection against shavings are of the utmost importance.The BREYER cross cutting saw impresses with individual suction devices both above and below the sheet.

Stacking solutions

The efficiency of an entire line is often decided by the stacking system. As the end component, it is responsible for the efficient transfer to the further processing section or the packaging.

BREYER Monitoring system

The BREYER monitoring system fascinates with its simplicity in operating. The operator is navigated intuitively by the system to the
required information and achieves his aim quickly.