BREYER TopLine calibrator

High-performance calibrator for line speed up to 40 m/min

Depending on the desired capacity of the line, different calibrator sizes are available. The calibrator is equipped with the appropriate calibration tool, depending on the required tube diameter.

It is the real heart of the tube calibrator and not only influences the quality of the tube but also the efficiency of the system.  Here, the efforts and high production quality of BREYER pay off.  
With our rapid-change-tools, format change is only a matter of minutes.

The high-performance calibrator of the TopLine has not only a smart design, it is also equipped with a number of automatic functions. All components having a good access for maintenance work.

High-performance calibrator for the economic production of tubes
Spray system inside the vacuum calibrator
Spray system inside the vacuum calibrator
Valves for water supply with electrical control
Calibrating tool
Extrusion line for the production of tube sleeves

Today, speed and quality are top priority in many production processes. It's good if you can refer to a technology that delivers good quality even at high speeds. Clients from the world of cosmetics, which has high standards, know to appreciate this fact.