The intelligent way to save costs and energy. – BREYER Energy Management and Noise Reduction

Intelligent energy management for tube extrusion lines – energy savings of up to 25 %. BREYER now offers different energy saving modules for tube extrusion lines such as:

Energy Saving Module 1<p>Use of torque motors (direct drives)


  • Low noise level
  • Energy-efficient due to high effectiveness, therefore less power ­consumption
  • Maintenance-free (no gear box)
  • Effective heat discharge through cooling water

Energy Saving Module 2<p>Thermal insulation of the extruders (barrel) and of the tube die


  • Shorter reheating time
  • Low convection, less heat emission
  • Improved contact protection for operators
  • Retrofitable

Exhaust air flaps

  • Demand-driven at the blower hoppers, therefore lower convection losses

Energy Saving Module 3<p>Noise reduction of the complete line of up to 50%!

By using the different modules BREYER achieves a noise reduction for the complete tube line by 11 dB (A) on average. This corresponds to a reduction of approx. 50% of the complete noise level compared to a tube line without noise protection.

This reduction is achieved due to the use of:

  • torque motors (direct drives, water cooled > see also module 1
  • encapsulation on the calibrator and on extruder > see also module 2
  • special vacuum pumps

Energy Saving Module 4<p>Slow down function and Standby function

  • Slow down: minimisation of output capacity (in case of production problems on downstream)
  • Slow down: automatic or manual restart of the line from low to high production level
  • Slow down: production level in slow down mode variably adjustable
  • Standby: reduction of heating temperature variably adjustable, therefore short restart time
  • Slow down / Standby: easy to operate by pushing the button on the display


  • Reduction of overproduction and energy-saving in case of disfunction on downstream lines (header, printer, etc.)
  • Coordinated release of the heat and drive capacities, enabling reduction of the installed power capacity as well as current peaks

Download<p>Energy Management and Noise Reduction

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