Special calender

Precise calender technology - made in Germany

Benefit from over 70 years of experience and know-how in the field of calenders. On this page we would like to introduce a special calender version.

The 2-roll calender
It has been developed for a precise calibration of specialty films. These will be calibrated under extremely high line load for your further process to a perfect product. In addition to various plastic products these machines can also handle papers, mats of fibres, metal foils, etc. 

A specific feature are electrode foils (anodes and cathodes) for manufacturing lithium-ion batteries. These will get their final dimensional accuracy and essential product attributed in this important process step. Find more about the calandering of LiO cells on our website BREYER energy solutions.


  • High precision polishing nip with distance adjustment and pressure control
  • Extremely high line pressures up to 6000 N/mm (width dependent)
  • Hardened calender rolls in solid construction
  • Cambered roller versions
  • Hydraulic bending device for rollers
  • Drive technology with high control performance
  • Convenient operating software

If you want to build exceptional products then BREYER is the right place. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Special 2-roll calender for high line loads
Precise roll gap adjustment electro-hydraulically actuated
BREYER solid calender roll for high line load