Intelligence in shape recognition. The suction units are automatically activated depending on the selected sheet size.

Stacking solutions

You've got the task - we've got the technology.

The efficiency of an entire line is often decided by the stacking system. As the end component, it is responsible for the efficient transfer to the further processing section or the packaging.

Many ways lead to the goal. But only few lead to success.
A stacking system is often the decisive factor in the overall economic efficiency of an extrusion line. Being the final component, it is responsible for the efficient hand-over to subsequent processes.

Here, precision and speed count because precise stacking is a decisive criterion for further processing. The crosscutting system automatically communicates all format data of the sheet to the stacker. Thanks to the flexible modular system, the produced sheets can be placed to the left, right or behind the stacker, either onto a pallet or a lifting table.
Upon request, the finished stack automatically drives out of the machine with the pallet. Even the trim strips were considered: they can be continuously crushed and recycled even before the stacker is reached. 


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