Self-explanatory screens well arranged and easy to use

BREYER Monitoring system

Navigate your Success

The BREYER monitoring system fascinates with its simplicity in operating. The operator is navigated intuitively by the system to the required information and achieves his aim quickly.

The system contains a multitude of features which help the user to
control and survey the production process and quickly access data.
For our worldwide clients the system will be delivered in the required
national language. Via remote access we can keep an eye on your line and are able to assist you, any time and in any case.



  • fast analysis of process data – trend and alarms
  • Wizard controlled formula compilation
  • Visual supported detail diagnosis (PDf-documents, 3D pictures, circuit diagrams)
  • live cams for additional process monitoring
  • Dual-screen solution for optimized plant transparency
  • online documentation
  • server-client application
  • integration of external systems
  • Connection to existing networks
  • online language change (e.g. asian, east european, arabic, etc.)
  • remote diagnosis via modem and internet
  • modern ergonomic design

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