Welcome to K2019 in Düsseldorf

on October 16–23, 2019

We are looking forward to your visit at our booth in Hall 16/C18
and will present innovative solutions to you – individual, digital, and sustainable.


BREYER customers are innovative and creative.   
With BREYER systems, you are able to produce the products of the future in the automotive, architecture, electronics, leisure, medicine, energy (lithium-ion batteries, solar panels), and packaging sectors.  
In the automotive sector, for example, plastics that originate from extruded film or sheet stand behind the technology of a breathtaking design, fascinating interior lighting, and intuitively operable functional elements.
Those who stand still in the market will quickly fall behind.  
For our customers, it is especially important to continuously offer new solutions that promise success and being in the lead in the market. Upon request, BREYER will provide you with custom-tailored solutions for your future success.

Get inspired by this diversity at our trade show booth!


The future is digital – discover the new BREYER e-Portal with us. 
At the trade show, we present to you the new BREYER e-Portal. Learn what maintenance, spare part sourcing, and system transparency will look like in the future. 
Discuss your requirements for the digital future on the way toward the “learning machine” with us. The BREYER e-Portal as a hub for your extrusion processes gives you a glimpse of the world of tomorrow!


Responsibility for our resources. 

BREYER presents the most diversified and varied tube extrusion ever. Produce 5-, 6-, and 7-layered tubes with the highest performance. 

Due to the special BREYER technology, the use of recycled materials at a high level is possible – as are barrier tubes with up to 86% recyclables. 
The advantageous alternative for ABL laminate tubes: produce fully recyclable ultra-high barrier tubes through coextrusion. BREYER offers unique possibilities to produce packaging in an energy-saving, efficient, and sustainable way. At K2019, we will present the options to you with our BREYER TopLine 7-layer tube line, for example.  
Plastics products also become sustainable!  
Innovative plastics made of sustainable materials and recycled materials from internal or external recycling can be processed into high-quality products on BREYER systems. Thanks to BREYER’s multi-layer extrusion, tubes can even be made of natural resources, such as wood or sugar cane. 
Convince yourself of the possibilities!

BREYER Composites

Reinforcement makes sense. – BREYER TapeFlex extrusion line for unidirectional, fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes

We offer you the complete production system for the economic production of tape. From our BREYER Composites product segment, we present to you an original system at a scale of 1:10 as a 3D print model.

The BREYER Innovation Center BIC:

Successfully developing products

Seize the opportunity and see BREYER before, during, or after your visit to K2019

Many products in the film and sheet sector that are successful today originate at BREYER. You too can use our machine park for the further or new development of your products. In 2019, BREYER is expanding its BIC innovation center and offers you an extensive machine park for the further development of your products:

  • Tube extrusion line TopLine for tubes with up to 7 layers 
  • Flat film line BREYER OptiFlex for flat film for optical, technical, and thermoforming film applications 
  • Laminate film line BREYER TubeFlex for barrier applications with up to 7 layers 
  • Co-extrusion line for the flexible production of film and sheet 

More systems can be seen in our assembly halls in the various stages of assembly or disassembly. We look forward to your visit!

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