Extrusion lines for the production of ­crystal clear pipes for LED applications – BREYER LED tubes

BREYER offers extrusion lines for the production of pipes made out of PMMA/PC for LED application. Also available as a BREYER Services upgrade for your existing tube extrusion line.

The line technology in principle corresponds with the line ­technology of extrusion lines for the production of tube sleeves with high output rates and high transparency.

Your Advantages

  • Energy savings due to the use of LEDs
  • Fluorescent tubes made of glass can be replaced by LED fluorescent tubes made of PC/PMMA with high transparency, unbreakable and UV-resistant.

A short overview of applications

  • Indoor / outdoor lighting
  • Large-scale information displays for exhibitions
  • Lighting effects for discos and special events
  • Lighting for interactive large-scale walls
  • Advertising on buildings / animated advertising

Production of PMMA or PC crystal clear pipes on a BREYER tube extrusion line with highest output rates and lowest tolerances.




  • Highest transparency
  • Pipe diameter and wall thicknesses variable  
  • High grade of automisation and easiest operation
  • Reduced energy consumption and noise level

Product advantages

  • Production with various raw materials such as PMMA (acrylic glass), PC (polycarbonate) enabling UV protection  
  • Flexible, unbreakable pipes
  • UV-resistant
  • Highest possible light transmission, therefore clear pipes can be used instead of glass pipes
  • Diversified applications in the LED lighting segment and for solar technology
Extrusion line for the production of crystal clear pipes for LED application


LED tubes

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