An extrusion line is only as good as its individual components.
For this reason, we at BREYER have devoted our special attention to all building blocks of the system. BREYER components are the high-quality building blocks that lay the foundation for our systems. Custom-tailored extrusion lines can be flexibly built by combining various components. This is how we create your individual BREYER extrusion line, which allows you to manufacture your products for economic efficiency and success.

Would you like to upgrade your existing extrusion line?
All BREYER components are available individually as complete functional units. You can upgrade existing BREYER extrusion lines and improve your existing production process. BREYER components can also be integrated in lines from other manufacturers without any problem and thus upgrade the entire line. Our experienced BREYER Service Team is available and happy to advise you about all BREYER components and upgrades of your system.

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