Extrusion lines for the production of mono and multilayer tubes

Packaging is one of the most important building blocks of communicating quality in the cosmetics industry. It serves as a standard for communicating the corporate image, value and, not least, the price of the product. Plastics replaced other tube materials like aluminum long ago in this industry. New materials and technologies like multi-layer extrusion enable the achievement of barrier properties, design possibilities and surface qualities that were hardly conceivable just a few years ago.

BREYER has gained a reputation through our many innovations and fresh ideas. There is a reason why 8 out of 10 extrusion lines in Europe are made  by BREYER. It also has to do with the enormous performance gains and  great reliability of these systems. BREYER has been able to achieve an increase in the production speed to 300 tubes per minute while maintaining or surpassing all quality standards. We have good reason to be proud of our achievements. 

All from one source

Before a tube is finished and can be delivered to the customer, other machines and production steps are necessary. Therefore, we formed a well-functioning network with other renowned partners at an early point in time; thus, we can guarantee a smooth production process from the onset. 

Tube extrusion technical data

Extrusion speed up to 30 m/min, depending from diameter and material
number of tubes up to 300/min
Tube length 39 to 270 mm
Layer configuration: single,two layer, three layer, five layer
Window extrusion: for mono- and multilayer tubes


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