BREYER extrusion systems
and components

„Designed by BREYER in Germany“

In this section you will find an overview of all BREYER extrusion systems and established BREYER components such as extruders, dies, calenders and more.
These are designed for a variety of demanding applications. BREYER offers decades of international experience and specialist expertise in the range of planning, production and commissioning of complex extrusion equipment for the plastics processing industry.

A specially developed user interface allows easy operating and a smooth production.
We emphasize on an economic manufacturing process to help ensure a cost-efficient production. Our high-quality extrusion systems make us a reliable partner for your market success. Customers around the world put their trust in us. Success needs a good partner.


Extrusionline for the production of sheet for technical and thermoforming application.

There is hardly any other industry demanding higher flexibility in production than the automobile and consumer goods industry. Speed and a high level of adaptability are therefore vital for efficient production

Extrusionline BrightLine for LGP and LED-sheet

Better light for a better future. It assures optimum light distribution and thus maximum light yield. You get the same amount of light as before, but for a clearly reduced amount of energy.

Extrusion lines for clear sheet

The clear sheet is unrivalled in its ability to illustrate the importance and power of light and transparency. Its lightness, robustness and versatility make it a true multitalent offering effective interpretation for many different applications.

Extrusion lines for backlight units (LGP)

Maximum optical quality. Essential is what you do not see here. Subtle distinctions do not show at first sight. Brilliant display units, as used in modern flat screens, TVs, monitors, laptops and mobile phones, are equipped with crystal-clear sheets.

Extrusion line BREYER TubeFlex

Extrusion line for the production of high-quality laminate film. With the BREYER TubeFlex system, colors, materials, layer thicknesses and additional decors can be combined into a flat film in a highly flexible way.

Extrusion line BREYER TopLine

Today, speed and quality are top priority in many production processes. It's good if you can refer to a technology that delivers good quality even at high speeds. Clients from the world of cosmetics, which has high standards, know to appreciate this fact.

Extrusion line BREYER ThermoFlex for thermoforming film

It is helpful to differentiate yourself with special characteristics especially in a difficult market environment. Better quality always pays off.

Extrusion line BREYER eco·line for the production of tubes

When it comes to tube packaging for the cosmetics industry, perfection and a professional design are paramount. However, packaging must also be manufactured economically.

Extrusion line BREYER OptiFlex for optical film

The manufacturing of a film is nothing special. However, the
creation of a high quality polished flat film of minimal thickness is a different matter altogether.

Extrusion line BREYER CellProtect
for EVA and POE solar film

The convincing extrusion technology for the production of low shrinkage solar encapsulant film for PV-modules. BREYER offers the complete line including proofed recipe and service.

BREYER IONPress Calander-Technologie

The new generation of the BREYER IONPress calender represents a milestone in the improvement of lithium-ion electrode foil production.

The Future of Electrode Production

The high-performance calender system BREYER IONPress achieves extremely low thickness tolerances in the compressed electrodes.